Sunday, June 19, 2011

Giveaways I'm entered in 6-19

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaways I'm entered in (ends 5-23)

This giveaway is for one of these products from these etsy sellers. It is very low entry, so if you see this in time, you should go now. It should only take about 2 minutes to enter! (ends 5-23) (Sponsor:

This giveaway is for any t shirt you want from this company. The cat shirts sold me! I also love the bow shirts, but the idea that I can have a cute character on my shirt is a lot more alluring to me. This is easy to enter, so enter as soon as you see this! (ends 5-24)

Burns a little over the normal body heat, so you can touch the oil just after blowing the candle out. This giveaway is for a travel-sized product. They're supposed to smell really really good, too! (Ends 5-25)

These are always present at family gathering I'm at! They're the best shortbread cookies I've ever had. Every one is a treat! I really hope to win these and share them with my boyfriend. (ends 5-25)

These salsas are made with all-natural ingredients! This is a big deal to me, because something in most salsas makes me sick, and the all-natural kind don't, so I had to enter! What is not pictures is that this brand also has a Ghost Pepper variety, which I would be too afraid to try! My boyfriend, however, desperately wants to try it for himself. This giveaway is for 4 varieties of salsa. (Ends 5-25)

This giveaway is for Pure Romance products. It will be a mixed box of products you can use with your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse/'buddy.' Everyone will love the items in this box! Enter not for yourself, but your special someone! (Ends 5-25) (Sponsor:

This giveaway is for a bedding set from Baby Bedding Zone! Most of the baby bedding I see has cutesy animals on it, and I'm not a big fan of that! I entered this for my friend, who is pregnant. I want to save her from the cutesy jungle animal safari theme for her son's room! (Ends 5-26)

For a long while, I was worried that Gluten was the reason I kept getting sick after eating. This turned out not to be true, but even when I thought that, I never tried anything gluten-free! This looks like a very safe cookie to try! Two winners to this giveaway, so this is one to enter! (Ends 5-26) (Sponsor:

This giveaway is for a g-spot vibrator! There are lots of giveaways for these, but this particular one is rechargeable! That means automatically that's it's very expensive, and because it's part of the Fun Factory brand, it's going to be great! (Ends 5-26)

This giveaway is for a set of 16 truffles! I've never had a truffle, so I've been entering contests for truffles for weeks. Here's hoping this is one I can win! (Ends 5-27)

I wasn't too into the glee gum I won last time, but it's gum, and I have a hard time concentrating on schoolwork without chewing it. The good thing about this gum is that it's rainforest-safe, which I didn't even know was a problem. The mint is tasty, but the taste went away really fast for me. I'm hoping that it was because it took so long to get it that it lost flavor. (Ends 5-27)

This giveaway is exactly what you seen in the picture. I've only started trying cheese other than extra sharp cheddar, so I'm excited to try this many different cheeses, even without crackers! (Ends 5-27)

Eden is my store of choice online, and I've always had AMAZING experiences with them. If I see a giveaway for a gift card to their website, I always enter, even if it takes forever. (Ends 5-27)

Even while I was little, onions made an appearance in almost everything I ate. To this day, they are my very favorite ingredient in food. Garlic a close second. This looks like another really fun way to enjoy onions! (Ends 5-28)

Fall semester in school, I'm going to be living in an apartment. I'll have my very own bedroom, and I only have posters for half the wall, because I'm leaving a dorm shared with my roommate, where I only had half the wall space. I'm excited about this giveaway, because it's for 100$ to this store, which means that when I have money left over, and I will, I can use it to help my boyfriend decorate! And maybe I can even use some to send posters to my sister at college! (Ends 5-29)

You can't go to giveaway blogs without hearing about scentsy. I've been very curious about it since I heard about it the first time. My boyfriend spent lots of money on that notice-ables plugin for his bedroom, but even when I'm there I can't smell a thing! I'd love to actually get a scent that I can smell while it's working. It would be nice to come home and smell the air freshener! (Ends 5-29)

These are potato chips that are supposed to be good for your heart. That's right. Apparently some Costcos have them, but I don't have a Costco card, so I've never heard of them. I like healthy alternatives, just because they're all so neat, so I entered this giveaway to try something that I wouldn't have even known about if it weren't for this post. (Ends 5-29)

What interesting about this post is the title 'Wholesome Junk Food.' Again, I like to try healthy alternatives. I entered this just to see what in the world this could possibly taste like. (Ends 5-29)

I've never wanted to try jerky more than I do right now! This company makes the best looking jerky I've ever seen, and they even have an option to send jerky to our troops! This is not the easiest giveaway to enter, but I just had to try to win it anyhow! (Ends 5-29)

Like almost every other geeky teenager, I love mustaches. LOVE. This, however, is a flask. And I am NOT a drinker. I have it in mind for someone I know, though. (Ends 5-29)

I don't get to go out to eat very often, and this gift card would be great to go out with my mom and my sister! (Ends 5-30)

I know someone who has lots of skin problems, and I'm just curious if this works for her, so I had to try! (5-30)

 More scentsy! No need to explain again why I want to win. (Ends 5-31)

Do you see this chair? It's a rocking chair. If you see this chair like I see this chair, you know why I want to win it. Oh, and this chair is worth over 300 dollars. Just so you know. (Ends 5-31) (Ends 5-31)

Amazon Giftcards can be used for almost anything you want, even food! No wonder I want one. (Ends 5-31)
I have friends who found themselves pregnant and very unprepared. I feel like I'm not very helpful, because I can't do anything for them, baby-wise, so I keep entering contests for them. (Ends 5-31) (Ends 5-31)

I'm getting into baking this summer, and this looks like a very easy way to start baking! Also, next year I'll have an apartment, so I'll be able to make my roommates jealous! Until I sneak one into their bedroom as a gift. (Ends 6-1)

When I lived in Texas, there was a great brand of sparkling water that my family used to buy. This is not the same brand, but I've never seen it since I moved. I miss the awesome flavors, and I entered this contest to try yet another brand. (Ends 6-1)

I don't enter contests for one pack of fruit snacks. This contest is for a HUGE box of these popcorn chips. I love huge boxes of snacks! (Ends 6-2)

I'm not a big lamp person. I don't use them often. However, I love to use them at night when I go to bed, because I hate the dark. This lamp looks like one I may really like to have in my room. (Ends 6-3)

I just tried my first bit of guacamole recently, and I'd love to try something that's even better than most store brands! (Ends 6-3)

What can I say? This is a box of several different flavors, and I love tortilla chips. (Ends 6-4)

I don't have an alarm clock this cute for my apartment in the fall. I think this would look great in my room! (Ends 6-4)

I don't have much clothing that's in style. I tend to stay one step behind the trends, and I don't like doing that. These shirts look like they'll be timeless, so this giveaway seems to be a good idea for me. (Ends 6-4) (Sponsor:

As I said, I always enter the Eden giveaways. (Ends 6-5)

Most pasta sauce makes me sick, but I'm always trying something new. After all, when I find out which doesn't, I can fully enjoy pasta!! (Ends 6-6)

I love juice. I love it. And this giveaway is for a case of ACAI juice. I've never had Acai. Is it good? (Ends 6-6)

I'm just too curious not to try this! (Ends at 150 GFC followers)