Monday, April 18, 2011

The so called "bubble butt"

I am cursed with a butt that keeps me from fitting correctly into any jeans in my size. I have exactly one pair of jeans that fit me correctly, and today I stumbled on a giveaway that could add one more pair to my closet! I didn't know there was a site that would make custom sized jeans just for you until today, and I'm really excited about this contest and the site that provides the jeans! Here's a link to enter, if you want a perfectly sized pair of jeans too!

Blast From the Past

I thought I was just going to see a bunch of old candies I couldn't remember and didn't care about when I looked at this contest, and I was so wrong. Old Time Candy has boxes of decade-specific candy ranging from the 30's to the 90's. While technically I should have the most memories connected to the 90's box, having been born in '91, I actually have more memories of the 80's box with favorites such as sour patch kids, airheads, cow tales, crybabys, nerds, and more. I remember once getting 5 or 6 boxes of nerds and trying to make them last as long as I could. I would suck on the little candies until they disintegrated in my mouth before i put more in. I think I must have spent all night eating them, but I'm sure my mother was just happy I was quiet and entertained!

I didn't take this picture, I stole it from the giveaway blog. It's a picture of the contents of her 80's box.

This giveaway is for a whole box full of candy from your chosen decade, so go check it out and enter today!!


I stole this picture from the site with the giveaway. I did not take it.

My mother had been unemployed for about 5 years, and just recently got a minimum-wage job. Needless to say, she has had to give a few things up just to pay the bills. One of these things is her coffee. I remember when we had a little more money, she used to buy a hazelnut flavoring, Coffeemate creamer, and good coffee. Now she buys the cheapest coffee that's available at the store, and sometimes just drinks tea. When I saw the giveaway for Community Coffee, I decided to enter in order to possibly win her some good coffee, since she hasn't had it in far too long.

This giveaway is for a bag of ground coffee, a coffee scoop, a french press, and a hand-woven basket that holds it all. I'm really excited to see if I win it! Here's a link if you want to win, too. Entry is fast and easy, and there are lots of extra entries you can do, too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why the Purple Fluffy Bunny Pillow Pet is the Cutest Pillow I ever almost owned.

For the longest time, I had been against owning pillow pets. Generally, when a jingle is so catchy and upbeat it's annoying, I tend to fight back in the only way I can: boycotting the product. That worked successfully for a long time. And then I ran across the limited edition Fluffy Bunny Pillow Pet, and my resolve broke. I had to have it.

I got lucky, there were two contests going on for the same Fluffy Bunny. One of them ended, and another ends tomorrow, and I'm so excited to hear if I win this one! Just look at it and tell me you don't want it, too.

I didn't take this picture, I stole it from the contest site. There are more like it there, if you're interested.

If you want to enter the contest, too. I won't hate you. Ok, I'll hate you a little, but I'll understand. Here's the link to the contest, and more pictures of the Fluffy Bunny as well as an awesome review of why this Pillow Pet is the one to buy.